Space BloX

In Space BloX you will guide a spaceship through an infinitely generated level, shooting BloX and upgrading your ship along the way. As you continue your space travels you will find everything happening faster, and faster.

The player is given three lives and has one goal, to stay alive. This can be a real challenge in this world, where BloX are everywhere, some even fall out of the sky. Use power-ups to your advantage and keep your lasers in top shape, because you never know what's next.

Multiplayer Support

Space BloX supports 2-Player co-op using the same keyboard or separate controllers. So whether you are on your laptop or relaxing at home, someone can always join in on the fun!

Difficulty Settings for Everyone

Space BloX has three difficulty settings, something for everyone. From relaxing trips through space on easy mode, all the way to adrenaline pumping hard mode, where you will find yourself barely able to handle the insane BloX. Who made these things anyway?

The Level is Never the Same

Every time you play Space BloX you will be greeted by a completely new level, generated just for you. As you fight your way through strange block formations you will find power-ups that slow down time, give you more lives, or give you amazing green lasers. Yep, that's right.


– Randomly generated level that speeds up as the player goes on
– 2-Player co-op mode on the same screen, play at the same time!
– Full controller support, play with your favorite gamepad
– Three difficulty settings to choose from
– Various laser upgrades to help you destroy targets
– Many bonuses for more points or extra lives
– Slow-motion power-ups slow down time briefly
– Music that speeds up with the game
– That retro charm Development by Joseph Kukla — Music by Kevin Kukla
Available on Steam and – Steam version includes additional features like Achievements and Online Leaderboards
Space BloX is a retro themed game where you will guide a spaceship through a randomly generated barrage of space blocks. Nobody really knows what they are, but don't hit into them!
Release Date June 17, 2019
Genre Action, Arcade
Players 1–2
Mode Local Multiplayer

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